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Snoop Dogg and Bill Maher Dish on Charlo Greene

Two CelebStoners, Snoop Dogg and Bill Maher, couldn't resist commenting on "Fuck It, I Quit" TV reporter Charlo Greene over the weekend. Maher compared her to Sarah Palin and Snoop Dogg couldn't keep his eyes off her breasts.

"You are fine as a motherfucker too as I'm looking at you on the screen right now. God damn!" Snoop exclaimed at the end of their interview on his GGN web show doing which both parties lit up (Snoop hit a blunt, while Greene puffed form a glass pipe).

"Thank you for rocking with us," the clearly flattered Green said. "This is so insane. This is so crazy."

Meanwhile, one of Maher's New Rules on Real Time kidded Greene: "Give Alaska props for being home to this chick. First of all she's a black hair lady in Alaska. Where does she get her hair done? Secondly, she owns a pot store and did this (showed the clip when she quit on air to big applause). Oh honey, you had me at hello. You didn't have to tells us about the quitting. It's Alaska, everybody quits (showed Sarah Palin photo)."

Greene became a media sensation last week when she told her station KTVA to take this job and shove it. As the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, she now plans to devote all her time to legalizing marijuana in her home state. Measure 2 would do that just that if passed by voters in November.

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Steve Bloom

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