Wyclef and Snoop Dogg Back Indie Candidate for Colorado Gov

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In the Colorado gubernatorial race, it's Democratic incumbent John Hickenlooper vs. Republican challenger Bob Beauprez. Dark horse candidate Glendale Mayor Mike Dunafon has received support from pro-pot rappers Wyclef Jean and Snoop Dogg in the form of a campaign song.

"The Trap" was filmed in Denver using one of the state's controversial cages that are meant to warn children about the horrors of drug use and abuse. Sucking on a stogie, former Broncos receiver Dunafon talks his verses while Wyclef raps. It's not exactly a musical match for the ages, but it is significant since Wyclef is an internationally famous hip-hop star. Listen to the remix featuring Snoop Dogg above.

Strange Budfellows: Wyclef John and Mike Dunafon.

"Hemp's just a plant," Wyclef offers. "Prohibition is the problem, but we change all of that/ Vote Dunafon into office." They met at the 4/20 rally in Denver this year.

Dunafon's website explains the meaning of the song: "'The Trap' is a metaphor for our false set of political choices. If you're sick of  party politics, and if you want to get the money out, an independent governor governor is our best choice for Colorado."

Among his platform issues are:

• an end to the war on hemp
• release non-violent drug offenders

It's an extremely tight race. Dunafon will likely draw few votes away from Hickenlooper, who reluctantly enforced Amendment 64 when voters passed it, legalizing marijuana in 2012. Had he been more enthusiastic, Hickenlooper may have coasted to victory on the strength of pro-pot support on Nov. 4.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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