Rand Paul: 'I'll Do Everything to End the War on Drugs'

Rand Paul: "I want to end the War on Drugs because it’s wrong for everybody, but particularly (for) poor people."

On the latest Real Time, Sen, Rand Paul (R-KY) told Bill Maher:

'The War on Drugs has become the most racially disparate outcome that you have in the entire country. Our prisons are full of black and brown kids. Three fourths of the people in prison are black or brown, and white kids are using drugs at the same rate as these other kids. But kids who have less means, less money, kids who are in areas where the police are patrolling, police who are given monetary incentives to make arrests, monetary incentives for their own departments. I want to end the War on Drugs because it's wrong for everybody, but particularly because poor people are caught up in this and their lives are ruined by it.'

Rand is considered a leading Republican candidate for the presidency in 2016. He's previously said, "I think people who use marijuana all the time lose IQ points."

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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