Kelly Ripa Gets Wasted on 'Broad City'

Abbi Jacobson looks on as Kelly Ripa smokes a joint on "Broad City."

The next-to-last episode of Season 2 of Comedy Central's hit distaff series Broad City features Kelly Ripa, from Live with Kelly and Michael, playing herself. She rolls one up and lights a joint as Abbi watches incredulously.

Kelly breaks out the coke.

Abbi (Jacobson) and Ilana (Glazer) start the episode ("Coat Check") working at coat check in a theater. Ilana, who's usually hetero on the show, finds herself compulsively attracted to a woman who looks pretty much like her. She abandons Abbi, who has to handle the post-show rush. Ripa is in the crowd and asks for her coat, but Abbi can't find it; apparently, she accidentally gave it to another person. Kelly's cool about it and gives Abbi her number to call if she finds it. Naturally, Abbi goes on an all-out search and ultimately tracks down the guy who has it.

Kelly's husband is away, so when Abbi arrives with the coat, she invites her to stay and party. They polish off a bottle of red and then Kelly rolls a joint. But first she takes out a vial and sprinkles on some coke

Kelly rolls.

Kelly: 'Don't worry. It'll just give us trippier visuals. Buckle up, buttercup!'

Kelly lights the joint at the far right side of the screen (see photo abobe). We can see her roll and lick, but barely smoke.

Meanwhile, Ilana decides her tryst is a little weird (after a lot of heavy making out).

It's been a big sophomore season for Jacobson and Glazer. Their show has become part of the cultural zeitgeist and warmly embraced by stoners (Jacobson and Glazer regularly puff and vape). They've been hitting the late-night circuit, appearing on The Daily Show and The Tonight Show.

Season 2 concludes on Wed., Mar. 18, 10:30 pm, on Comedy Central.

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