Lindsay Lohan: Ayahuasca Changed My Life

Lindsay Lohan: "I did ayahuasca!"

Rehabbed and raring to go, Lindsay Lohan says the South American jungle drug has been part of her therapy. "I did ayahuasca," she tells the UK's Mirror. "It changed my life."

It's unclear where Lohan used the drug. She claims to have gone to a shaman, who administered the concoction, which is a mixture of vines and tobacco cooked into a liquid form. While some go to South America for the authentic experience, others use it in group sessions in the States. Lohan contends that it helped her deal with the "wreckage of my past."

William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg famously wrote about ayahuasca in The Yage Letters in 1963. Such celebs as Sting, Oliver Stone, Susan Sarandon and Tori Amos have also used it

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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