Julian Marley: 'I’m an Old-Fashioned Smoker'

The Marley family is making moves. They’ll soon have a brand of marijuana available wherever it’s legal in the U.S. But until then, you can look for Julian Marley’s Juju Royal vape pen.

Julian is Bob Marley’s fifth-born son. He’s one of 13 children sired by the Tuff Gong. Like Ziggy, Stephen and Damian, Julian’s a powerful performer. He’s currently working on his fourth solo album.

This exclusive interview focuses on marijuana and music, two of any Marley’s favorite subjects.

How did this deal with Drop Leaf happen?

Well, I and I have quite a few friends all around the world. I was in Jamaica, the home of herb, a.k.a. cannabis, chilling in the yard and my friend Abajah had come to me saying that some people wanted to speak about putting something together. I had met the Drop Leaf team who are from California; we spoke and they showed me their ideas, which was a great a look. Nuff respect

Tell us about the Juju Royal disposable vape pen?

Well, you know, all I can say is get yours, get your pen ASAP. We're herbalists, as we say.

'There are a million ways we use herb. For me personally I smoke it in a Rizla, old-school style - natural, fire and paper. Sometimes I use the pen, but I am an old-fashioned smoker.'

In the market we have so many people that love the disposable pens. We have to make sure we have everything for everyone. Some people want to smoke it, some want oil, some want to steam. I and I roast it!

Switching to music, on your new song, “Lemme Go,” you sing: “It’s a stress reliever, a natural healer.” Do you use ganja for medical purposes?

Rasta has been the first doctor with herb; we called them “bush doctor” even before it reached Colorado and California, seen? When you come to the Rasta man, they boil you ganja tea. They’ve been making rope and clothes for a long time with the hemp. So Rasta man is the first doctor. Check out Peter Tosh.

What's the name and focus of your next album?

We’re currently still working on the name, but the whole focus is spiritual upliftment at every time in every moment. There are a lot of songs on the album speaking about keeping a smile and making sure the joy inside comes out. I have a song called “Compassion,” which is showing that compassion is dissolving day by day. The music we listen to, the things we see and their messages through media, or whatever it is, is deducting the compassion that we should have for one another. More and more the love seems to me diminishing. So, “Compassion” is about a man who can’t find the compassion anywhere and he’s almost at the edge of the cliff.

When will the album be released?

We’re hoping early next year

How has your music evolved from Lion in the Morning in 1996 until now?

'Just like the world evolves, there is no stopping creation unless you stop yourself. Everyday Jah sends a new day, the trees keep getting taller, and the brain and vibration never stops growing.'

Will you be touring in the U.S. and elsewhere soon?

Yes, hopefully soon, but I’m currently concentrating on the album. I have a few shows coming up, but no touring at the moment.

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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