CelebStoner's Top Posts of 2015

1. CBD Oil Legal in 15 States

Originally posted in 2014, four more states legalized CBD oil in 2015, upping the number to15. This article had three times as many visits as any other post on the site. Another popular post this year was Texas Legalizes CBD Oil. Clearly, people want to know more about this mysterious canna-elixir.

2. The Top 25 Stoner Movies of 2014

Traditionally, one of our most popular features spreads across multiple pages, resulting in a windfall of interested film buffs to the site. This year was no different. We usually finish the year with a number of Top 10 type lists. Having 25 movies on the list made for even more clicks. This year's version - The Top 15 Stoner Movies of 2015 - should do as well come the end of 2016. 

3. Five Top Vape Pens for Flowers and Concentrates

Sponsored posts was a hot trend in 2015. This one came courtesy of yourvaporizers.com. They rated Atmos Boss, Atmos Orbit, Delta 9 Persei, T-Vape 2.0 and White Rhino Trifecta. Thanks to SEO machinations on their part, this post went through the roof. 

4. States Where Marijuana Is Legal, Decriminalized or Medicalized

This post from 2013 is the gift that keeps giving. Each time another state or city amends their marijuana laws, we add them to the list. It's what you call an evergreen.

5. Tommy Chong: 'The Cancer Came Back'

This hugely popular post from 2013 was originally titled, Tommy Chong: "I'm Cancer-Free." We updated it when Chong was diagnosed with another round of cancer. Other top Chong posts in 2015 were: Tommy Chong Has Surgery, Tommy Chong's Smoke Swipes and the recent CelebStoner of the Year: Tommy Chong

6. Pop and Rock Star Deaths in 2015

Sadly, 60 musicians of varying degrees of fame – from B.B. King to Scott Weiland – passed away in 2015. Throughout the year we kept adding to this post. By the end of the year, everyone wanted to read it. 

7. TV Review: CNN's High Profits

Debuting on Apr. 19, High Profits was the No. 1 pot program on TV in 2015. This reality show set in Breckenridge, Colorado spanned eight episodes. One of the people featured, Katherine Grimm, became a lightning rod, stirring up controversy and hence driving more traffic to the site after we interviewed her. 

8. The Ultimate 4/20 Event Guide

Every year we compile the most comprehensive list of events happening on and around the April 20th stoner holiday. This year's was our most popular 4/20 guide yet.

9. Hillary Clinton Wants to Reschedule Marijuana

While we've certainly been feeling the Bern, Hillary Clinton captured more readers with this post updated from 2014 (Hillary Clinton Says She Didn't Inhale Either). This was just a preview of the presidential politics coverage that will dominate the Web in 2016.

10. Lily Tomlin's New Role: Budtender

Lily Tomlin had a terrific year. She co-starred with Jane Fonda in the Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, and had the lead role in the indie movie, Grandma. She smoked pot in both. This Jimmy Kimmel Live clip of Tomlin behind the counter of a makeshift dispensary went viral. Another popular post was Lily Tomlin: Bonghitter.

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