Tommy Chong Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Tommy Chong vapes in a cloud of fake smoke surrounded by faux pot plants (Photo by Los Angeles Times)

Tommy Chong is feelin' the Bern, so much so that he's now backing the Vermont Senator for the Democratic presidential nomination. Last year, he predicted Hillary Clinton would be the next president with Sanders as her running mate.

Now, Chong's saying about the gruff-voiced Socialist: "He's not trying to advocate for special interests like everybody else. Bernie is for the people. Bernie is ready.

Chong on Sanders: 'He's the OG Kush that's at the top of the harvest.'

"It's a money dance. They are dancing for whoever is pulling the strings. That's what I like about Bernie. There's no one pulling the strings."

Chong didn't go into too much detail about his conversion, but it surely has to do with Sanders' Senate bill to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act. 

Last August, Chong told CelebStoner: "I see Hillary in the White House and I see Bernie as Vice President and I see an Obama executive order changing pot to Schedule II – that’s all he needs to do – and I see him pardoning all the drug offenders, myself included." 

The reigning CelebStoner of the Year is currently recovering from rectal cancer surgery. He's performing with his comedy partner Cheech Marin on Jan. 29 at the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino in Alberta and will be interviewed by CelebStoner's Steve Bloom at the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco on Feb. 13.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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