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Bill Maher: 'I Like Hillary, But Not as Much as Bernie'

Late-night pundit and ultra-liberal Bill Maher is tossing Hillary Clinton under the campaign bus and backing Bernie Sanders, who won the New Hampshire primary by a 21% margin.

"I actually like Hillary," the Real Time host writes at "I think she's unfairly demonized and has been for her entire career. I personally don't think she's dishonest. And yet the hatred for her is just amazing – the hatred on the right and the abandonment on the left. She's particularly hard to watch as a candidate. Yes, the hard truth is that Hillary Clinton is a terrible campaigner who is living in a different era."

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Maher declared: "I like Hillary, but not as much as Bernie."

He explained at length why he's switched his support from Clinton to Sanders:

'We've never had a true leftist in my lifetime. He's putting things on the table no one ever put on the table before. Is he going to win the South? Probably not. He's a socialist Jew who's a hundred.. But people have never seen this product before. He's saying we could be more like a European democracy where you pay a little more taxes, but look what you get – free college, free health care, go after the banks. This stuff has never been on the table. We'll see what happens. I think he deserves, from what he's done so far, to at least get the benefit of the doubt.'

Maher adds in his Hollywood Reporter essay: "Bernie Sanders is the Occupy movement now come to life in the political arena."

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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