Feeling the Bern: Celebrities for Sanders

New Hampshire native and Top CelebStoner Sarah Silverman on the stump for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

What do Susan Sarandon, Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, Tommy Chong, Spike Lee, Joan Baez, Mark Ruffalo, Killer Mike, Margaret Cho, Jon Fishman, Nas, Jesse Ventura , Dick Van Dyke and Harry Belafonte have in common? They're all urging voters to support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for the presidency of the United States.

Sarandon: “This is a moment in history where we can have change, because we have a man who consistently has been in the right place when it’s not been popular."

Maher: "He's saying we could be more like a European democracy where you pay a little more taxes, but look what you get – free college, free health care, go after the banks. This stuff has never been on the table."

Silverman: "His moral compass and sense of values inspires me." Watch her video here.

Chong: "Bernie supports the legalization that I care about – legalization of the super medicine, marijuana." Watch his video here.

Top CelebStoner Susan Sarandon has been feelin’ the bern for Sanders since 2015.

Lee: "Bernie was at the March on Washington with Dr. King. He was arrested in Chicago for protesting segregation in public schools. He fought for wealth and education equality throughout his whole career. No flipping, no flopping. Enough talk. Time for action." Listen to his radio ad here.

Joan Baez: "I like that he's a grumpy old Jewish guy with no hair. I like something about his attitude, that he's not careful. ... If Hillary (Clinton) is nominated, I will vote for her. She's a friend. But I think Sanders speaks to the human condition. I seldom do this, but I'm really casting my lot with Bernie Sanders. I also think young people are supporting him. Young people are not paying attention to what goes on in the media, but kids are donating to his campaign once a month or once a week."

Ruffalo: "Bernie continues to be the transformative candidate and the one most willing to bring everyone along."

Killer Mike: "The only person I have the conscience to work for is Bernard Sanders. The only person that my logical, beautiful black mind will allow me to vote for is Senator Bernie Sanders." Watch his video here.

Cho: "I'm a longtime fan and friend of Hillary Clinton, but I have decided to endorse Bernie Sanders. I feel the Bern."

Rapper Killer Mike on the stump for Bernie Sanders.

Fishman: "I moved to Burlington the year he became mayor. I found him to be an honest person who worked very hard to get done the things he said he would. I've found him to be consistent with his entire politcal career. I don't personally know anyone else in politics that I've had that experience with or feel that way about." Watch his video here.

Nas: “I fully believe that Sen. Bernie Sanders is the right man to lead this country. I believe it because he, unlike any other candidate, said, ‘I would like to restore the Voting Rights Act.’ He, unlike any other candidate, said, ‘I wish to end this illegal War on Drugs.' Unlike any other candidate in my life, he said that education should be free.” 

Ventura: "Hats off to Bernie Sanders. I’ll help him anyway I can."

Van Dyke: "Whether or not he makes it into the White House, I hope everyone hears the alto he's sounding. Watch video here.

Belafonte: "He represents a moral imperative. He represents a certain kind of truth that's not often evidenced in the course of politics." 

Here are more celebs who support Sanders: Jello Biafra, Jackson Brown, Ben Cohen, David Crosby, Danny DeVito, Steve Earle, Flea, Mike Gordon, Anthony Kiedus, Wayne Kramer, Zoe Kravitz, Donavan Leitch, Juliette Lewis, Justin Long, Adam McKay, Thurston Moore, Graham Nash, Patton Oswalt, Jeremy Piven, John C. Reilly, Serj Tankian, Jeff Tweedy, Dr. Cornell West, Lucinda Williams and Steve Wozniak. 

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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