311's Grassroots Uplifter Vape Pen Available in California

Everybody's doing it, so why not 311? The veteran rap-rock-reggae band has launched their own disposable vape pen model, the Grassroots Uplifter. It's filled with 500 mg of DJ Short Blueberry cannabis oil.

Made using a CO2 extraction method, the product description claims they don't use "polyethylene glycol or other chemicals or cutters." It's currently available via speedweed.com for California residents and is expected to "drop in Colorado and other states later this year."

The pen is named after 311's second (Grassroots, 1994) and ninth albums (Uplifter, 2009). 311 joins other musicians who already have cannabis products on the market: Snoop Doog's Leafs by Snoop, Privateer Holdings' Marley Natural, Tommy Chong's Choice and Wiz Khalifa's Khalifa Kush.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of CelebStoner.com, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf and co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.