Pop and Rock Star Deaths in 2017

J. Geils (second from right)

J. Geils (John Geils Jr)

Band: J. Geils Band

Position: guitarist

Died: Apr. 12, 2017

Cause of death: undisclosed

Age: 71

Distinctions: Namesake for Massachusetts blues-rock band that featured Peter Wolf (vocals), Magic Dick Salwitz (harmonica), Danny Klein (bass), Seth Justman (keyboards) and Stephen Joe Bladd (drums), and had hits with "Centerfold" (No. 1, 1981), "Freeze Frame" (No. 4, 1982), "Must of Got Lost" (No. 12, 1974), "Give It to Me" (No. 30, 1973) and "Looking for Love" (No. 39, 1971). 

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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