Willie Nelson Urged Woody Harrelson to Start Smoking Pot Again

Back in March 2017, it was reported that natural-born hempster Woody Harrelson had stopped smoking pot. In July, he danced around the question with Stephen Colbert, but in October he admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that his canna-fast started in March 2016.

Update: Now, thanks to Willie Nelson, Harrelson's inhaling again. On May 8, on The Ellen Show, he explained:

"I quit, but then I ran into this fella named Willie. He was never comfortable with me quitting. It just bothered him. Finally, he passes me the [vape] pen after I won a big pot, we're playing poker. I just snatched it and went alright. I took a draw off it and he said, 'Welcome home, son.' Now, I'm back into the mix."

On July 10, Stephen Colbert asked Harrelson on The Late Show if he'd stop puffing. The actor was cagey, half-heartedly admitting it's true, but then again maybe not (cue to 5:56 in above clip).

Colbert: I understand you don't smoke weed anymore. Is this true?


"I don't smoke any less (cheers). I did, I quit smoking... this morning. I'll pick it up after this. No, I actually did quit."

Colbert: So you don't smoke weed anymore?


"You don't have to smoke a brownie, dude. You know what I'm saying?"

Then, on Oct. 20, Harrelson told Jimmy Kimmel that it's been "a year and a half" since he stop using cannabis. He called it "an experiment" and joked, "I've smoked enough to fill this theater." Nelson came up int he conversation:

'That was a hard one to break. At first I didn't want him to know and then I was like, "Willie, I quit."'

One of the original modern-day celebrities to adocate for hemp legalization, Harrelson eventually expanded his advocacy to all uses of marijuana. 

He plays Tobias Beckett in Solo: A Stars Wars Story, which hits theaters on May 25.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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