Steve DeAngelo on 'Disjointed' Parody: 'My Feelings Were Hurt'

Ken Marino plays DeAngelo Stevens (nee Steve DeAngelo) on Season 2 of "Disjointed," now available on Netflix.

"I think it's pretty cool," Harborside Health Center's Steve DeAngelo tweeted about a character based on him (Angelo DeStevens) on Season 2 of  Netflix's Disjointed. "U can't be parodied unless ur widely recognized & what I've always wanted most in life is voice, 2 b heard, so it's validating."

However, a day later, DeAngelo revealed his unhappiness about the depiction via Twitter:

Some think Disjointed went too far in depicting DeStevens (portrayed by Ken Marino) as a greedy Green Rusher. In a comment posted at CelebStoner, Ani Abernathy writes:

The real Steve DeAngelo

"Ok let me go on the record here by saying I know Steve DeAngelo personally and I am APPALLED by how he was portrayed. I loved the first season so much and thought it sent such a good message about the pot community. So much so that I told Steve's partner Dress to watch it himself (this was before season 2 even came out). Now, I just finished watching the first season and I really can't even fathom the inaccuracies of Steve. He's an amazing person, cares about everyone, a family man, and someone who deserves the utmost respect within the industry. The fact that this parody was even made of him is sad. The fact that people think he's like this in real life is even worse. I am angry with the producers of this show wholeheartedly and wish the people who knew the truth about Steve could even do anything to stop this mockery. Yes, I understand needing to have a character to use as the antagonist for the season.. but to choose someone who holds such a high place in the industry as a marijuana activist NOT a money-greedy, sexist, creepy business man; makes me honestly sick to my stomach. I am a woman studying for a business degree at the moment so I have the means to start my own dispensary. If I were ever mocked in this way, I would consider it so disrespectful that I might even step completely out of the spotlight."

Others tweeted:

• "Imitation is the truest form of flattery. You are loved by many!" (Cliff Deuvall)

• "It's like a badge of honor if Weird Al does a parody or SNL." (Debra Borchardt)

• "Maybe you will garner a guest appearance and bring some REAL education and information to this show." (Bleedin KS Advocate."

And at Facebook:

• "Good leaders must be able to laugh at themselvs." (Tony Bowles)

• "I thought it was great fun, sure wasn't expected! Right down to your man purse!" (Lynne Miesse)

• "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! You are the epitome of integrity, a marijuana messiah, yet so humble." (Karen Snook)

• "Now you just need to get two rabbits" (Troy Dayton)

Watch Seasons 1 and 2 of Disjointed on Netflix.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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