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CelebStoner's Top 41 Celebrity Cannabis Brands

Here's our guide to the top celebrity canna-brands...


Celebrity: Snoop Dogg

Brand: Leafs By Snoop

On the heels of legalization in Colorado and Washington, Snoop Dogg was one of the first to jump in the new cannabis business. The L.A. rapper got his start in Colorado partnering with LivWell in 2015. The next year the company expanded to Canada where its products are grown and distributed by Tweed, which is owned by Canopy Growth.

Celebrity: Willie Nelson

Brand: Willie's Reserve

Also announced in 2015, Nelson's products arrived in stores in Colorado and Washington in 2016. A line of infused chocolates created by his wife Annie was added in 2017 and Willie's Remedy hemp coffee in 2018.

Celebrity: Bob Marley

Brand: Marley Natural

Funded by Privateer Holdings, Marley Natural announced in 2014 and launched in Los Angeles in 2016. Its product line is currently available in California and Washington.

Celebrity: Tommy Chong

Brand: Tommy Chong's

The stoner comic and actor was also among the first celebs to launch his own cannabis brand, starting in one shop in Colorado in 2015 and then branching out to Washington in 2016. Its product line is now available in Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Celebrity: B-Real

Brand: Dr. Greenthumb's

The Cypress Hill frontman won a dispensary license in California in 2015 and opened three years later in Sylmer. He has since opened five more Dr. Greenthumb's stores in the state. He also has a partnership with SweetWater Brewing Company, who's manufacturing his Insane OG Mexican-Style Lager.

Celebrity: Wiz Khalifa

Brand: Khalifa Kush Enterprises Oil

The rapper has had his own Khalifa Kush strain available in RiverRock stores in Colorado since 2016, but on June 25, 2019 he made a bigger deal with Supreme Cannabis to provide his KKE Oil to Canadian consumers.

Celebrity: Method Man

Brand: Tical Official

The much-awaited brand from Wu Tang Clan's Method Man launched on June 12, 2020 as people protested across the nation calling for an end to racism and police brutality. His products will only be sold in "black owned and socially conscious dispensaries." Four strains - Cake, Gelato, OG and Punch - are currently available in four California shops (Berner's in the Haight, Blunts+Moore, Empire and Litco).

Celebrity: Seth Rogen

Brand: Houseplant

Rogen, who made his name acting in popular stoner comedies like Pineapple Express and Neighbors, along with his writing and producing partner Evan Goldberg, launched this product line in Canada in 2019 with Canopy Growth. It includes flower, pre-rolls, softgels and one beverage, a grapefruit drink. In March 2021, Houseplant started selling flower, lighters and ashtrays to the California market.

Celebrity: Martha Stewart

Brand: Martha Stewart CBD

Like Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen, Stewart has partnered with Canada's Canopy Growth to launch her own CBD line that includes drops, softgels and gummies in citrus and berry flavors.

Celebrity: Jay-Z

Brand: Monogram

Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z has teamed up with Caliva and Left Coast Ventures to form the high-end California cannabis brand, Monogram. The company is currently offering four numbered strains as flower and prerolls. Check out our taste test here.


Celebrity: Berner

Brand: Cookies

The San Francisco rapper and protege of B-Real owns Cookies dispensaries in Los Angeles and Maywood (near Los Angeles) and a clothing shop in San Francisco. According to Wikipedia, Berner is "associated with the 'Cookie Family' of marijuana geneticists, who produce strains common in California, such as 'Girl Scout Cookies' and 'Sunset Sherbet.'" In July, Berner and Killer Mike announced they were collaborating on a strain called Ooh La La.


Celebrity: Lil Wayne

Brand: GKUA Premium Ultra

The rapper known as Weezy has his own brand. The product line includes flower (GKUA VIP, Hollygrove, Julius Caeser, Mendo Crumble, Mimosa, Uproar), concentrates (Perfecta, Boom Box, 3 Hour Tour), vapes and prerolls. They're available in numerous California dispensaries.


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