CelebStoner's Top 45 Celebrity Cannabis Brands


Celebrity: Wiz Khalifa

Brand: Khalifa Kush

The rapper has had his own Khalifa Kush Enterprises brand that includes his signature hybrid strain and various products available in multiple legal states: Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. 

Wiz Khalifa smokes Khalifa Kush

Celebrity: Method Man

Brand: Tical Official

The much-awaited brand from Wu Tang Clan's Method Man launched on June 12, 2020 as people protested across the nation calling for an end to racism and police brutality. His products will only be sold in "black owned and socially conscious dispensaries." Four strains - Cake, Gelato, OG and Punch - are currently available in four California shops (Berner's in the Haight, Blunts+Moore, Empire and Litco).

Celebrity: Melissa Etheridge

Brand: Etheridge Botanicals

The singer/songwriter and breast cancer survivor has a line of flower (divided up into Morning, Noon and Night varieties) and Queen-sized prerolls that come in biodegradeable NuPlastiQ tubes. The company's slogan is: "It's Cool to Be Kind."

Image via Etheridge Botanicals

Celebrity: Lil Wayne

Brand: GKUA Premium Ultra

The rapper known as Weezy has his own brand. The product line includes flower (GKUA VIP, Hollygrove, Julius Caeser, Mendo Crumble, Mimosa, Uproar), concentrates (Perfecta, Boom Box, 3 Hour Tour), vapes and prerolls. They're available in numerous California dispensaries.

Celebrity: Jim Belushi

Brands: Belushi's Farm and Blues Brothers

After Oregon legalized marijuana in 2014, the actor and former Saturday Night Live cast member purchased 83 acres in Eagle Point and began growing strains under the Belushi's Private Vault name. Six strains are currently available at 14 Oregon shops.

In September 2020, Belushi and Dan Aykroyd launched the Blues Brothers brand. The first strains are available at Grassroots Cannabis in Skokie, Illinois.

Celebrity: Cheech Marin

Brand: Cheech's Private Stash

Like his comedy partner Tommy Chong, Marin's now in the cannabiz, selling four custom strains in three states: California, Colorado and Nevada. He launched in Nevada in 2018 after partnering with Redwood Cultivation.

Celebrity: Slightly Stoopid

Brand: Stoopid Organics

SoCal reggae stawarts love their weed and now have a line that includes the Stoopidhead Hammerhead preroll crusted with THC diamonds, full-spectrum hemp oil and cannabis seeds. The products are available from California shops and delivery services. 

The Stoopidhead Hammerhead Pre-roll (photo by CelebStoner)

Celebrity: Ricky Williams

Brand: RW/Real Wellness

The original NFL player to advocate for marijuana now has his own line of CBD products: a maintenance and repair salve and an optimum tonic (tincture). Williams was suspended several times for failing drug tests and took a hiatus in the middle of his playing career. "It doesn't cut your awareness off from your body the way most pain medications do," he says about cannabis. "It actually increases awareness of your body." RW products are avaiable online.

Celebrities: Rachael and Megan Rapinoe

Brand: Mendi

The soccer sisters have created a CBD line with athletes in mind. Rachael runs the company and Megan, whose U.S. Women's Soccer team won the 2019 World Cup, is brand ambassador. Mendi offers no-THC and full-spectrum products including gummies, creams, tinctures, gel caps and sticks online.

Megan and Racahel Rapinoe hype Mendi


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