Brian Cox Says 'Succession' Co-Star Jeremy Strong Should 'Have a Hit of Marijuana'

From left, front: Jeremy Strong and Brian Cox on "Sucession." (Image via Showtime)

The star of the hit show Succession, Brian Cox, started smoking pot when he was 50. Now that he's 76 and the winner of the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV Series - Drama in 2020 for his role as Logan Roy in the Showtime series, Cox says about his favorite smokeable herb: 

"It's absolutely great and I recommend it to everyone - get stoned."

Update: Cox recently commented about "Succcession" co-star Jeremy Strong's method acting style on set: 

"Stong is talented. He's fucking gifted. When you've got that gift, celebrate the gift. Go back to your trailer and have a hit of marijuana, you know?"

Cox played Captain O’Hagan in both stony "Super Trooper" flicks.

Cox should be familiar to Super Troopers fans. He played Captain O'Hagan in the 2001 original and 2018 sequel. His troops were the stoners.

Cox adds about cannabis:

"I didn't start until I was 50. I was very against it, actually. Then when I was 50, I realized I missed out on what was going on with young people because I was so square, and I was working so hard, I needed something to relax. So I discovered the wonderful world of cannabis. It does make the politics easier to bear. It's a way of dealing with idiocy."

Cox, who lives in New York, was born in Scotland. He's called for marijuiana to be decriminalized in his home country. It's currently banned in the UK.

Brian Cox accepts the Golden Globes award for Best Actor in a TV Series - Drama for his role as Logan Roy in Showtime’s "Succession."

For its second season, Succession was also named Best TV Series - Drama at the Golden Globes. The show won the Emmys' Outstanding Dramatic Series award in 2019, 2020 and 2022. Cox plays the patriach of the dysfunctional Roy family that owns a media empire.

This article was originally posted on Jan. 13, 2020. It has been updated.


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