Kanye West at SC Rally: 'Every Black Man on Trial for Marijuana Will Be Freed'

"I want to say at my first rally that I did smoke a little last night," rapper Kanye West told a small crowd in Charleston, SC on July 19.

West says he's running for President.

In a rambling speech that lasted an hour, West mentioned that he smoked pot the night before and declared:

"Every black man on trial for marijuana will be freed."

Somehow The Fresh Toast mangled that statement with the headine, "Kanye West Promises Free and Legal Marijuana As President."

He did not. Cue to the 42nd minute mark in the clip above to see for yourself.

Kanye West in South Carolina: "I want to say at my first rally that I did smoke a little bit last night."

More Kanye Rally Statements

West also said at the rally:

• "Democrats never did shit for blacks."

• "Everyone that has a baby gets $1 million or something to that effect."

• "Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had the slaves work for other white people."


West's Weed Lyrics

• "Ghost Town" on Ye (2018):

Each one, knowing how 'm livin', smokin' marijuana
Now I'm livin' high, doin' what I wanna, some days

• "Get Em High" on The College Dropout (2004)

Now, throw your motherfucking hands
Get 'em high
All the girls pass the weed to your motherfucking man
Get 'em high
Now I ain't never tell you to put down your hands
Keep 'em high
And if your losing your high then smoke again
Keep 'em high

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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