To Seth Rogen, Weed Is Like Shoes or Glasses

Seth Rogen: "I smoke weed all day and every day and have for 20 years."

Top CelebStoner Seth Rogen is always good for a cannabis quote. On October 22, he told The Canadian Press:

"I smoke weed all day and every day and have for 20 years. For me, it's like glasses or shoes. It's something I need to navigate my life, People have tried to make me feel shame about it over the years or have tried to make me seem like I'm weak or stupid for integrating it so completely into my life, but I'm almost 40 now, I'm married, I have a good job and I/ve just found that none of the stigmas I was told to be true are true."

Rogen is a Vancouver native who, along with his movie writing and producing partner Evan Goldberg, co-owns the Canadian cannabis brand Houseplant in partnership with Canopy Growth. Their product line includes flower, pre-rolls, softgels and grapefruit and lemon beverages. They're available in most of the Canadian provinces.

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Since the lemon soda was just added, Rogen joked, "That's why my proposed slogan for the lemon drink was 'for people who don't like grapefruit."' 


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