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THe Joy of Cannabis

CelebStoners Rejoice Over 2020 Election Results

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Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump to become the 46th U.S. President. And Kamala Harris was elected the first female Vice President, and also the first POC to hold the position. This tops off a week which saw five states vote to legalize recreational or medical marijuana. In Oregon and Washington, DC, psychedelic drugs were decriminalized and Oregon also voted to decriminalize all illicit drugs.

While the Senate remains in Republican control and the Dems lost a few House seats, it was overall a good week.

Here are some tweets and comments from your favorite Top CelebStoners:

On Real Time, Bill Maher opened his monologue with the following jokes:

• "I know why you're happy today: Four more states have now legalized marijuana and not a moment too soon. This not only strikes a blow against the repressive prohibition that's compromised justice in this country for way too long, but it significantly expnads where I can tour."

• "How about this? Oregon legalized coke, Ecstasy and heroin. Experts says this is a major win for Charlie Sheen's cargo shorts."

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