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Andrew Yang on Marijuana Legalization, 4/20 and His Own Weed Strain

Andrew Yang and Politic’s Natalie Fertig

Fresh from his run for the Presidency, Andrew Yang is making the rounds. He sat down with Politico's Natalie Fertig for a wide-ranging discussion as part of the NCIA's Cannabis Business Cyber Summit. Here are some highlights.


On the Recent Election That Saw Four States Legalize Marijuana

Welcome to the party New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota and Arizona. They're in the cool-state club. It was a big week for weed.


On Federal Decriminalization vs. State Legalization

If it was up to me I'd look at full legalization. I don't see why marijuana should be illegal in any part of the country. But in the world we live in I would favor decriminalization. Putting it in the hands of the states seems like the right move. Full legalization is better for business. You don't have to wait for state legislators to figure it out. Despite the simplicity and elegance of saying we should fully legalize it, I'd leave it to the states. 

"We needed more weed-themed holidays like 4/20."

On Marijuana Taxation Saving States' Economies

Asking marijuana to fill a $3-$4 trillion hole in the economy is asking a lot. That's a lot of weed to generate several trillion dollars.

On Universal Basic Income

Fifty-two perecent of Americans are now in favor of universal basic income. We should be putting money into peoples' hands as soon as possible. Universal basic income keeps people out of poverty and in homes. It's going to keep coming up until it happens.

"If it was up to me I'd look at full legalization. But in the world we live in I would favor decriminalization." 

On Securing a Job in the Biden Adminstration

There isn't another Asian guy who ran for president who's jockeying for a tech position. I'm pretty optimistic about getting something to sink my teeth into in the Biden Adminstration.


On Mariuana Holidays

We need more weed-themed holidays like 4/20. How about Weed Independence Day?


On His Own Cannabis Strain

I have a strain named after me called Yang Ganja. I haven't tried it yet. 

[Ed. Note: A search of the Internet found no such strain. Yang's said he has friends who use marijuana, but he doesn't and hasn't in his life. I was a pretty geeky Asian dude and, you know, my parents did a pretty good job of keeping me steering clear of certain things," Yang once stated. So it's unclear whether he will be hitting the Yang Ganja anytime soon.]


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