Bill Maher Slams CBD Oil Company for Using His Name

Bill Maher: "I do not sell CBD Oil. I do not endorse CBD oil." (image via CelebStoner)

Bill Maher is not the first celebrity to be used in a CBD scam, but is the first to complain about it on national television.

On his return to Real Time after a monthlong break, Maher reserved his anger for CBD in one of his New Rules. While showing the above image, he railed:

"Stop putting my name on your CBD products without my permission. If you see an ad like this, it's bullshit. I do not sell CBD oil, I do not endorse CBD oil. One clue this is a scam: I'm Bill Maher and it's made from the parts of the cannabis plant that don't get you high. It's outrageous to learn that you're being used to sell something without your knowledge... Enjoy hearing from my lawyers, assholes."

As an aside, Maher mumbled: "It's true. This shit's going on. It pisses me off."

If you search for Bill Maher CBD Oil, you come to several links to, where other celebs in addition to Maher (Bruce Springsteen and Lester Holt Jr., for example) are being used to sell CBD products. The Maher page (see below) links to - for Herbal Grown CBD OIl. Maher's name, image or a testimonail from him are nowhere to be found, hence the scam. 


So now you know when you see a long article about how much Tommy Chong or Willie Nelson loves CBD. They do, but don't sell it like that on the Internet. They have their own companies to do that. 

In the case of Maher, he has not launched his own cannabis brand or invested in any that we know of, making him something of an outlier among CelebStoners. And when he does, you can be sure it won't be a CBD line like Kristen Bell's or Magic Johnson's.


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