Celebrating Bob Marley: His Best Ganja Songs and Spliff Pics

Left: The ’Catch A Fire’ album photo; right: Bob Marley illiustration

It's officially Bob Marley Week at CelebStoner.

Known as Tuff Gong, Marley would have turned 76 on February 6.

He died on May 11, 1981 as a result of cancer.

Marley left behind a huge catalog of reggae music which he pioneered with others in Jamaica in the '60s and spread around the world, with the help of Island Records, in the '70s.

A prodigious marijuana smoker, Marley advocated for its legalization, calling ganja "the healing of the nations."

He famously sang about it on the following tunes:


• "Got to have kaya now" - "Kaya"


• "Excuse me while I light my spliff" - "Easy Skanking"


• "I've got to throw away my little herb stalk" - "Rebel Music (3 o' Clock Roadblock)"


• "I wanna get high, so high" - "One Draw" (recorded by Rita Marley)


• "Take away everything/ And make everyone feel high" - "Get Up, Stand Up" (written by Peter Tosh)


Bob Marley Spliff Pics

Here are some of our favorite Bob Marley smoking and ganja photos. 

Left: Bob Marley at High Times photo shoot in 1976; right: the September ’76 issue of High Times

Photos from what appears to be the same Marley spliff shoot

Two more spliff shots (via Grassdoor)


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