In the Houseplant: Seth Rogen's Cannabis Brand Rolls Into California

Seth Rogen hypes Houseplant; at left, Pancake Ice (images via Twiter).

Seth Rogen's entry into the California cannabis market with his Houseplant brand, which launched in Canada in 2019, stirred up a lot of interest and discussion.

He teased with this tweet on February 28:


On March 1, Rogen sent out this double tweet featuring his Pancake Ice strain:


He followed with this video:


Rogen explained:

"I've been working on my own weed company for the last 10 years. We're finally ready to launch in America. It's called Houeplant and what we're doing is to try to bring you the best strains of weed that have been hand-picked - by that I mean hand-smoked - by me. Just the weed that I want to to be smoking. It comes in these adorable little tins. We have an orange one for sativa, a purple one for indica and it even stacks! Another thing we're doing is making beautiful Housegoods for people who smoke weed, like this block table lighter. It's a table lighter with an ashtray for a lid. I lose my lighters all the fucking time. But no more, because this dude is hard to lose. This is just the beginning. This is honestly my life's work. I've never been more excited about anything. I hope you enjoy it."

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Rogen finished the campaign with this short clip:


Rogen and his movie production partner Evan Goldberg founded Houseplant in Canada, where they partnered with Canopy Growth. (Rogen and Goldberg are from British Columbia.) It's unclear who's partnering with Houseplant in California.


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