Good VIBES: Berner Rolls Out Papers and Cones Brand

VIBES hemp papers from Berner and Greenlane

Seth Rogen has lighters and ashtrays, and now Berner has his own brand of rolling papers, VIBES.

The California rapper founded Cookies in 2008. The cannabis retail chain has since expanded to more than 25 locations, from San Francisco to Tel Aviv. We recently reported about two new Cookies stores in Michigan. In addition, Berner and his partner Jai also have several Lemonnade stores in th U.S. and more than 20 custom strains. Berner's known for popularizing the Girl Scout Cookies strain, which he shortened to Cookies for his company name.

Berner's move into hemp papers with the VIBES brand is a natural next step for the self-professed roller. "I feel like it's therapeutic to break down some bud, to roll it, to light it, to get that perfect roll on it,” he tells Forbes. “You give yourself a pat on the back and get all fired up when it’s burning perfect.”

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In a March 17 press release via Greenlane Holdings, his papers partner, Berner stated:

"As a true connoisseur, I knew there was a need for a paper like VIBES. We really took our time to research and develop this one. [It's] thinner and designed for flavor."

The product line includes papers and cones in four styles: organic, hemp, rice and ultra-thin.

VIBES is a "joint venture" between Berner and Greenlane, the company behind Higher Standards, the cannabis accessory retailer with stores in New York and Los Angeles. 

Regarding Rogen, his Houseplant cannabis brand debuted in Los Angeles earlier this month with a line of flower, lighters and ashtrays


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