Ed Rosenthal: Grow Like a Pro
Ed Rosenthal: Grow Like a Pro

Ellen DeGeneres Doesn't Like Gummies or Any Kind of Cannabis

Ellen DeGeneres is at it again. One of the most famous cannabis haters, the daytime talk-show host told Jimmy Kimmel on April 20, "I never did like marijuana or pot, what's it called? Pot? Marijuana? I don't partake in the wacky tobacky or I'm not a doobie brother." Cue to the 3:00 mark in the clip above.

Then she went on to describe her experience with gummies:

"People have pushed gummies on me. My assistant Craig gave me a gummy. He said, 'Just try this gummy.' I thought I was going to die. I was so freaked out. Since then people have said I haven't tried the right gummy. Everyone has a thing: 'If you try this, it's different from the others.' So no, I don't like any of that."

Then DeGeneres and Kimmel judged a round of "Who's High," a routine that features three people, one of whom is stoned. DeGeneres picked the wrong one.

Ellen: "I don't partake in the wacky tobacky or I'm not a doobie brother."

To top it off, DeGeneres related a story about her partner Portia de Rossi, who recently had an appendectomy. Prior to noticing DiRossi in pain, DeGeneres explained:

"Chelsea Handler told me about these weed drinks called CANN. They have CBD or THC. I don't know what the good thing is. I drank one and I didn't feel anything. Then I drank three and took two melatonin sleep pills."

DeGeneres said she "rushed [de Rossi] to the emergency room. My adrenaline kicked in because I had to rush her there. It's probably not safe. I shouldn't be saying any of this. It was an emergency appendectomy. She's muhc better now."

As she expected, DeGeneres is receiving flack for doing just that while under the influence. She's also been accused by former employees of fostering a "toxic workplace" at The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


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