Original Jack Herer Brand Now Available in Colorado

The Original Jack Herer Select via Los Sueños Farms - prerolls (left) and flower (right) - photo of Herer by Malcolm MacKinnon

Jack Herer - a person or cannabis strain? How about both?

The Jack Herer strain dates back to the early 1990s when Sensi Seeds in Holland named it for the American hemp activist. It's a 55%-45% sativa with Haze, Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk genetics

Sensi Seeds describes the strain as "the optimal blend of tropical sativa and resiny indica resulting in a bountiful plant of dense buds high in THC content and delivering a soaring, inspiring high when smoked."

Herer's family is responsible for creating The Original Jack Herer™, which honors "the story of our father's influence and dedication to cannabis education, legalization and this community," his son Dan Herer tells CelebStoner. "We focus on outstanding, exemplary cultivated flower or extracts in each state and area." 

And now Herer's family is making the brand available in California and Colorado. Packs of prerolls are now available in a number of Colorado shops, including Medicine Man, Pure, Roots Rx, Makena, MC2 and The Spot. Flower and other products will come next, 

Jack Herer’s son Dan in the Los Sueños Farms greenhouse

"The prerolls launch has gone well," he explains. "We've sold 12,000 (packages) in the first week. We're looking at 60,000 by next month. After further scaling up this year we will have more prerolls, live resin vapes, distallate carts, packaged and bulk flower and sometime in the first quarter (of 2022) some new Jack crosses."

Dan Herer: "Regarding new markets and extortionate levels of taxation, Jack would be furious."

Herer has teamed up with Los Sueños Farms in Pueblo, Colorado, which was purchased by Curaleaf for $67 million in stock and cash in May.

"We've been looking for the right relationship for years in Colorado," adds Herer. "Nothing fit. Then I was introduced to Los Sueños Farms and owner Bob Degabrielle. We agreed on the Jack Herer brand taking a position in Colorado. I told Bob he needed to produce a premium Jack product at a reasonable price for the market."

Inside The Original Jack Herer Select preroll box

CelebStoner sampled the prerolls. It's a smooth smoke worthy of its popular namesake. Each pack contains a map of the "History of the Cannabis Trade."

Herer wrote the book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a history of marijuana with a focus on how hemp can "save the world," in Herer's words. He passed away in 2010 after sufferering several heart attacks and a stroke. Herer was 70.

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What would Herer, known as "The Hemperor," think of the new highly taxed, regulated cannabis markets in legal states like California and Oregon where he lived most of his life after being born in Buffalo?

"Regarding new markets and extortionate levels of taxation, Jack would be furious," Dan Herer says, sounding like his father. "How do we allow the lies and falsehoods of prohibition to be guiding factors in the regulation and compliance of this plant? Shame on us!"


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