Smoke a Peach: Justin Bieber Launches Weed Brand

Justin Bieber with yellow daisy and the Palms preroll package

Back in July, Justin Bieber was spotted at a California pot shop buying some of this favorite strains. At the time we wrote, "Can a Bieber's Buds cannabis strain be far behind?" Well, three months later, the pop star has announced his own strain, dubbed Peaches. It's currently available in four states, including California and Massachusetts.  

Bieber's teamed with the California cultivator, PalmsTheir first products - prerolls - are sold under the brand name Peaches, which is also the title of his 2021 hit song on which he sings, "I get my weed from California/ Pass that shit." (It's also the name of a singer.)

"I'm a fan of Palms and what they're doing by making cannabis approachable and helping to destigmatize it – especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health," Bieber stated. "I wanted to make sure that I was doing something with them that feels genuine. Peaches felt like a good place to start."

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Donations from Peaches purchases will be made to Last Prisoner Project and Veterans Walk and Talk.

Palms says its goal is "to elevate the stereotypical 'stoner' experience by providing a sophisticated and thoughtful product fit for a night on the town or a quiet evening at home." What exactly is the stereotypical stoner experience? We'll have to ask Bieber when he's available to discuss his hot pot project.

Born in Canada, which legalized cannabis in 2016, Bieber is one step ahead of the game. Now, he's joined fellow musicians Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Method Man, Willie Nelson and Melissa Etheridge in the cannabiz. 


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