Drake, Ricky Williams, Tyson Make Second Attempts at Cannabis Branding

Drake (left) receives a cannabis award. Mike Tyson with boxing gloves (right).

If you don't succeed once, try again. That proverb now applies to celebs Drake, Ricky Williams and Mike Tyson, who've announced new cannabis ventures following their previous ones.


• Drake Invests in Bullrider

Toronto-based rapper Drake is teaming up with his producer Noah Shebib (a.k.a. 40) and two others on Bullrider, a cannabis cultivator known for such strains as Afghani Bullrider, Peach Crescendo and Wedding Cake. Bullrider is a subsidiary of Robes Inc. 

"I've always viewed 40 as the expert when it comes to cannabis so I'm very excited to invest, partner and contribute to setting a new standard for a premium cannabis experience," Drake says about Shebib.

40 adds: "My involvement with Bullrider stems from the urge to help consumers access high-grade strains with the same recreational therapeutic benefits that I've been able to enjoy. It's not just another cannabis brand. Bullrider has a deep reverence for quality cannabis and its medicinal properties which I've always been extremely passionate about."

Drake's previous cannabis company, More Life Growth Company, was affiliated with Canopy Growth. The principles ended that deal in June.


• Ricky Wiliams Launches Highsman

It's cute brand title for the man who won the NCAA's Heisman Trophy for college football player of the year in 1998. The first NFL player to speak about cannabis' benefits for players when the league was regularly suspending them for using it, Ricky Williams paid the price with mutltiple suspensions that curtailed his career. His new venture Highsman says it all. "It's time we change the way we talk about cannabis," notes the former running back, "Highsman is about an appreciation for greatness. There is a passionate and dedicated team behind the brand, and together we want to help all people inspire greatness in themselves."

The Highsman product line is broken up inro three categories: Pregame (sativas), Halftime (hybrids) and Postgame (indicas). It's unclear where the products are currently being sold.

Williams also owns the CBD company RW.


• Columbia Care Rolls Out Tyson 2.0

Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson launched Tyson Ranch in California in 2018 with the idea of holding events and selling cannabis products. That never really worked out. Now, Tyson is partnering with multi-state operator Columbia Care on his new product line, Tyson 2.0. He's also teaming up with Adam Wilks (One Planet) and Chad Bronstein (Fyllo). 

"Celebrity sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to build immediate product and brand recognition," comments Columbia Care's Chief Growth Officer Jesse Channon. "Influencers have driven some of the most successful brands, from sneakers to alcohol and now cannabis. Mike Tyson is creating a completely different and authentic experience, and has positioned himself as a true ambassador for cannabis products."

Tyson says "cannabis has always played an important role in my life. Cannabis has changed me for the good both mentally and physically, and I want to share that gift with others who are also seeking relief."

However, Tyson continues to be dogged by his 1992 rape conviction. He's never apologized to his victim and still claims he was innocent. 

Rapper Pitbull also has a deal with Columbias Care.


• Other New Celeb Cannabis Brands 

Little Steven's Underground Apothecary

Justin Bieber's Peaches via Palms

Melissa Etheridge Botanicals


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This article was originally posted on October 18, 2021. It has since been updated.


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