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Ed Rosenthal: Grow Like a Pro

Jennifer Lawrence Smoked Weed Before 'Don't Look Up' Scene to Get Into Character

Jennifer Lawrence in "Don’t Look Up" (left) and with joint in Hawaii (right, image via Fame Flynet).

Jennifer Lawrence plays a pot smoker in Adam McKay's new movie Don't Look Up, which hits theaters on Dec. 10 and Netflix on Dec. 24. In fact, Lawrence says she lit up before one of her scenes with Meryl Streep.

Here's the backstory: Don't Look Up, which pairs Lawrence with Leonardo DiCaprio, is about astronomers Kate Dibiasky and Dr. Randall Mindy, who discover a comet hurtlng towards earth that no one seems to know about.

Lawrence: “Everyone was fucking with me… I guess because I was high. Easy to fuck with.”

In the stony scene, Kate and Randall meet with Pres. Janie Orlean (Streep), who laughs off their find. 

At a recent screening in Los Angeles, Lawrence blurted out that she asked McKay permission to take a puff before the scene "because my character was getting high in the movie." 

Since she didn't have any lines in the scene, Lawrence wasn't worried about forgetting them. 

McKay teased: “I kept turning to my script supervisor, Cate Hardman, and was like, ‘I just want to say, “Hey Jen. I think I have a monologue idea for you.”’ And I would look at Jen and was like, ‘I can’t do it. It would be too mean.’ So I left you alone."

Lawrence added: “Everyone was fucking with me… I guess because I was high. Easy to fuck with.”

The Don't Look Up cast also includes CelebStoners Jonah Hill and Kid Cudi.

It's rare for actors to play characters stoned, even when that's what the script calls for. Usually, a non-intoxicating herbal alternative like oregano is smoked during scenes that call for cannabis.

In 2013, Lawrence was photographed smoking a joint in Hawaii after the success of Silver Linings Playbook. Just 22, she won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Tiffany in the football movie.

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In 2015, Lawrence said she took a bong hit before attending the Oscars, but wouldn't says which one. She's been nominated three times in addition to Silver Linings Playbook: for Winter's Bone (2011), American Hustle (2014) and Joy (2018).


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