Deftones Dank: Rockers Launch Cannabis Collection

Deftones Cannabis Collection is available at California pot shops.

From rock to hip-hop to counry, musical artists embrace cannabis. Alt-metal band Deftones is the latest group to launch a line of weedy products. The Deftones Cannabis Collection was announced Nov. 24.

The band stated on Instagram: "In the foreseeable future, we'll be rolling out several different products via Golden Barn and we're excited to unveil our first: The Passenger Box. Find the 9 locations that have our cannabis line in stock today in California. More will be distributed throughout the state in the following week."

Co-founder and guitarist Stephen Carpenter noted on Twitter: "We've been smoking forever. We finally get to present something that we enjoy and like. The Passenger strain has a great scent to it... It tastes just like tio smells; it gets the job done... Edibles are great, I love them. Whether it's concentrates, edibles or flower, the key thing that matters to me is the effectiveness... Vaping is very polite. It doesn't blow up the room with that weed smell. It's an amazing combination of stuff."

The products, featuring Deftones' White Pony logo, are currently available at a handful of California dispensaries. Their partner, Golden Barn, is a cultlivator based in Dixon, CA. 

Deftones on the boardwalk on Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Deftones received 2022 Grammy nominations for "Ohms" (Best Rock Performance) and "Genesis" (Best Metal Performance). Both songs appear on Ohms. The band was previously nominated for the song "Elite" in 2002 (they won).


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