Khalifa Kush, Cookies and Cresco Labs Team Up in California

Wiz Khalifa smokes (image via HoneySuckle magazine) and his Khalifa Kush hybrid

On January 28, Khalifa Kush products will be available at the Cookies store in the Maywood section of Los Angeles. Word is they're having a launch party at the 5815 Maywood Ave. location. Wiz Khalifa will likely be in attendance.

Originally grown and privately smoked in Southern California, Khalifa Kush went legal in Nevada and later Arizona and Utah at Reef Dispensaries owned by Tryke Companies. The latter company was acquired by Chicago-based multi-state operator Cresco Labs in 2017. Cresco backed out of the $285 million deal in 2020.

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Khalifa has now partnered directly with Cresco and two California cultivators, FloraCal and Continuum, for the Cookies roll-out. All Khalifa Kush products will be sold exclusively at Cookes stores in California. Michigan is the next state on the KK national map.

At the Maywood website, Khalifa Kush is valued at $200-$4,000. According to Leafly, "The effects and aromas of Khalifa Kush are similar to that of OG Kush: sour lemon and pine, with an active cerebral buzz ideal for morning and daytime use." It's a hybrid that's descended from "an unknown OG strain."

Wiz: "The Kalifa Kush grown at FloraCal is the best I've smoked and can't wait for the people of California to enjoy the original KK."

In 2017, Khalifa Kush Enterprises signed a deal with Supreme Cannabis to manufacture and sell oil products in Canada. In 2020, the companies parted ways partially due to the Canadian government’s ban on celebrity cannabis endorsements.

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Khalifa also has a longterm endorsement with RAW papers. 

The Pittsburgh native will be headlining several weed fests in 2022: National Cannabis Festival, Apr. 23-24, Washington, DC; and The Smokers Club, Apr. 28-29, Long Beach, CA.


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