311 Fans Blast Band Drummer for Backing Russian Invasion

311 publicity photo from 2017: (from left) Chad Sexton, P-Nut, Nick Hexum, Tim Mahoney and S.A. Martinez

All is not well in 311 land. The popular group that dates back to the '90s is reeling from a fan revolt over drummer Chad Sexton's reactionary social media posts and opinions. This could lead to the departure of at least one band member.

One reliable fan tells CelebStoner: "He was listed as a large donor of MAGA in 2016. He also showed support for Jake Gardner, the man who shot a Nebraska protestor outside of Gardner's bar establishent in 2016." 

Gardner shot and killed James Scurlock during a BLM protest in Omaha on May 30, 2020. A confrontation happened where Gardner and his father tried to stop protesters from damaging the bar, The Hive. Gardner had a gun and fired three shots, killing Scurlock, who was black. Gardener committed suicide several months later; he was white.

FYI: The five members of 311 - Sexton, singer NIck Hexum, rapper S.A. Martinez, guitarist Tim Mahoney and bassist P-Nut - hail from Omaha.

"Jake was the reason, as a veteran with PTSD, that 311 began championing the veterans for weed cause," our source adds. "The band was very public in their support, which suited Chad sensibilities because it gave fans who were more conservative and prideful a place to respect the band as 'patriots.' Several years ago, the 'unity' that most celebrated was clearly splintered with groups popping up on FB to share MAGA or anti-liberal views among fans. The band has dealt with this internally for ages."

Over the course of the 311's 32-year career, unity had been a band theme. Tours and cruises are named for it. The group consists of four white guys and one Latino. They're known for laid-back rap-rock with a little reggae mixed in.

Deleted Chad Sexton tweet showing his support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (via The PRP)

More recently, Sexton has been charged with supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine. A deleted tweet to a fan by Sexton read, in part:

"So you're an expert on The Ukraine? Probably were a health expert during Covid too huh?... No one wants war. Except the DS which is comprised of both Rs and Ds. I suggest you stop watching the news and talk to someone from The Ukraine."

Sexton continued his argument in another tweet:

"Love and understanding comes along with understanding people can be wrong. It doesn't mean they're bad people. Everyone makes mistakes. I was just basing info off my very good friend whose wife is from Kiev and who's dad was a three star general in WW2 there. They have a very interesting history. Sorry I offended you. I'm not an international expert by any means. I think war is horrible. Hopefully we can move away from this now. You've spent the whole day on it."

In another, he wrote:

"Our band always had differences in opinion on world views politics and even musical styles. We are the shining example still in existence of people who have opposing views that can come together, make something truly unique and beautiful, and change peoples lives in positive ways."

S.A. Martinez on Chad Sexton: "somewhere the wires got twisted n now I feel light years lost from a real world cuz how tf can that dude I knew ride 4war"

In another, he declared: "Hello World! Glad to be part of the patriot family! Among brothers and frens! LFG!" ("Fren" is Internet slang for far-right white nationalists.)

A fan coaxed a reply from Sexton by asking: "If you support Russia's dismantling of Nazis and Deep State in Ukraine post a 'Z' in the comments and RT." Sexton replied, "Z." The drummer also posted at Donald Trump's Truth Social.

In a poem posted at IG, Martinez refers to Sexton, his old college mate, but not by name:

"where o where did that spirit go tell me holmes do u kno do u kno... somewhere the wires got twisted n now I feel light years lost from a real world cuz how tf can that dude I knew ride 4war... if i could i wouild smash and pulverize the spider that haz snared the drummer in its dark web."

Update: On May 13, P-Nut commented on Jamstar and IG Live:

"I'm considering taking a leave. I'm not going to break up the band. I wouldn't so that. The band is staying together. I just don't know. There's something else out there."

The band heading out on an 18-date tour on May 12 with Sexton banging his drum kit as always. "They won't destroy the legacy of the band," our source predicts. "This is 38 years of work. Some fans are reasonable adults, some aren't. They will recover and politely recede as 311 tests the waters. This next weeks will tell how they recover or retire. We have a cruise planned. It alwasy sells out. When the dates are announced, they [311] will know if they can continue and rebuild with any grace. But people really need to limit their aspirations to less savage task masters. They are people - all of whom I still admire for living responsibly and carrying on a real struggle to make an idealistic example of inclusion through music culture."


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