Katt Williams on Netflix Special: 'The Dealer Is Your Doctor'

Two faces of comedian Katt Williams: At left on stage performing "World War III," at right a Netflix promo photo.

CelebStoner Katt Williams is back with a new special - his second on Netflix - called World War III.

While most of the content is X-rated, he does zero in on the War on Drugs at the 20-minute mark.

"Too much shit goin' on," Williams says on stage from Dolby LIve in Las Vegas. "They don't even talk about the War on Drugs anymore. You think that's because there ain't no more war? Or there ain't no more drugs? They don't tell us shit. They don't talk about drugs no more. For the first time in history Black people ain't making none of the drugs. I know, white people find what I'm saying hard to believe. I'm gonna tell you a statistic that's gonna blow your fuckin' mind: There are zero n*****s making fentanyl... You bettter believe it, white people. We would notice if n*****s was droppin' dead for nothing."

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On Fentanyl

"I looked up fentanyl - that shit is beyond dangerous. I say, 'What you gotta do to die?" They say, 'Touch it.' That's when I knew n*****s ain't involved in this. We like to touch everythihg we buy. We would notice n*****s dyin' at the purchase. His last words were: 'This must be it!'"



On Opioids

"They ain't talkin' about the opioid crisis. And it's fuckin' up everybody's communities. Everybody got a favorite pill. Everybody got a go-to. There's a whole opioid crisis and they ain't talkin' about it. Want to know why? Because ain't nobody goin' to jail. Ain't no houses gettin' raided. Ain't nobody being looked into. You know why? Because the dealer is yo' doctor."

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On Meth

"They don't tell you where methamphetmines come from. They act like that shit comes from a trailer park. That's one of the strongest drugs known to man. There ain't no other drug make your teeth itch... You scratchin' the shit out yo' mouth. They won't do no shit about motherfuckin' meth. Guess who the fuck was the first to discover that shit and was the first to distribute it and manufacture it. Adolph Hitler! What! How the fuck did they leave that out the book? They told us the Nazis was the scariest military in the world. But they never told us why. They was not just makin' the meth, they rationed it to themselves every day. Puttin' it in chocolate and coffee and tea. Fuck with the Nazis if you want to. That's the only military don't need to eat. Or sleep. That longest day got teeth to scratch. You fightin' the Nazis, you look out - they are 750 miles away. We'll see them bitches in three days. And you go to sleep, when you wake up them bitches is in front of the house on the ring cam. They don't tell us shit!"


Watch "Katt Williams: World War III" here


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