Heart Surgery Takes Cypress Hill's Sen Dog Off the Road

Cypress Hill circa 1990: (from left) B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs

Cypress Hill got a scare just as they were about head out on tour with Slipknot in May. The hip-hop's group's 58-year-old co-founder Sen Dog was not feeling well.

"He found out the day before the tour his blood pressure was extremely high, so they sent him to the hospital and ran a test," Cypress Hill frontman B-Real tells CelebStoner. "It eventually led to surgery."

Sen Dog required a quadruple bypass surgery on his heart. "He got lucky," B-Real adds. "If he does that first show with us, it could've been his last."

The 20-date tour, with Cypress opening for Slipknot, kicked off in Pensylvania on May 18 and concluded a month later in California.

"He had stents and they had gotten clogged," B-Real explaines. "They had to replace the stents and do the quad. He's doing much better, but he has a ways to go before he can get back on stage. Probably about four months or so. This scared the shit out of him."

Stents are placed in arteries that become clogged, making it hard to breath. Clogged arteries lead to heart attacks if not diagnosed on time.

Sen Dog came out for the Slipknot-Cypress Hill show in Las Vegas on June 17. That’s B-Real at right.

Sen Dog, the group's secondary rapper, missed a Cypress Hill tour for the first time since he took a two-year break from the band in the late '90s. His gruff voice contrasts with B-Real's high-nasal style. The members of Cypress Hill - also including DJ Muggs - met in Los Angeles in the late '80s. B-Real was friends with Sen's younger brother, Mellow Man Ace. 

Cypress Hill: Insane in the Membrane on Showtime tells the story of the group's 30 years together with not too many hitches. The band is currently off tour with eight sporadic dates scheduled between August 18 and October 21. 

"We'll see you in Ocotber," B-Real concludes, referring to their traditonal Halloween show in New York, which has yet to be scheduled. Sen Dog may be ready to make a comeback by then.


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Steve Bloom

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