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Bill Maher Debates Patrick Kennedy

In this corner, one of the most liberal defenders of marijuana, Bill Maher. In the other corner, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, who heads the anti-pot group, SAM. The two faced off last night on "Real Time."

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Joel Madden's Australian Pot Drama

Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden was booted from a Sydney hotel on Sunday after a maid found a small amount of marijuana in his room.

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Marc Emery Confined in U.S. Jail

Canadian political prisoner Marc Emery plays bass in his band in a Mississippi federal prison. However, photos posted of the band recently landed him in solitary confinement.

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The New Doobie Brothers

The latest issue of Rolling Stone features Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco and Danny McBride on the cover. Which ones of these CelebStoners smoke pot and like it a lot?

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Strombo Says Free All Pot Prisoners

CNN's newest rock star thinks "it's a mistake to throw people in jail for rolling a joint." George Stroumboulopoul0s debuts this Sunday with the news network's latest talk show.

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