Ohio Police Raid Afroman's House, Find Virtually Nothing to Charge Him With

Afromam at home in Ohio where the raid happened (left) and a younger image of the rapper.

Afroman was in Chicago when he found out Ohio police had entered his house in Adams County on August 21 at 8:47 pm. 

"They took some roaches, a vape pen and a jar of CBD," the rapper tells TMZ. "I think they thought I had hundreds and thousands of pounds, or something like that. They didn't have to run up my driveway with all kinds of assault weapons. I would've just gladly given that to them. I don't know what's behind destroying all my property."

Neighbors told him police came with guns drawn. He showed a door on the floor and a messy bedroom.

"All in my bedroom messed up my bedspread," Afroman (nee Joseph Foreman) commented at IG. "Where is the guns? Where is the dope? What if you don’t find anything? Are you going to make my bed back hang my suits bacc up? Put my door bacc on the hinges? Does anybody have Ben Crump‘s phone number?"

That line became TMZ's headline: "Cops Wrecked My Home in Raid, for Nothing... I Need Ben Crump!!!"

Crump is the attorney who's handled many high-profile cases involiving Black Americans.

Afroman likes to rap about weed and has a line of Afroman Hemp flower. He's from Palmdale, California, and recently relocated to Ohio - the same state where Dave Chappelle lives.

In 2015, Afroman was charged with assaulting a woman who'd wandered on stage while he was performing. He pleaded guilty, paid a fine and attended anger-management classes.

The guitar-playing rapper is best known for his 2001 song, "Because I Got High," which hit No. 13 on the charts.


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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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