Rapper Coolio's Cannabis Brand Was Ahead of Its Time

Coolio at Redwood Cultivation in Las Vegas in 2020 when he planned to launch Coolio’s Cannabis.

Grammy-winning rapper Coolio, who died September 28 at 59, was a fledging marijuana entrepreneur. He planned to launch Coolio's Cannabis brand in 2020, but it never made it to market.

In August of that year, he posted at Facebook with a photo:

"The Coolio’s Cannabis team at our Nevada cultivation partner's facility @redwoodcultivation! Where the magic happens!"

At Instagram, he posted:

"Thank you @reef_dispensaries_ and team for having us and @redwoodmj team come through! We will be back very soon!"

In March 2020, Coolio linked to the YouTube video below where he attended a meet and greet with cannabis chef Zarilla Bacon in Las Vegas.

Some weed businesses never get off the ground; Coolio's Cannabis appears to be one of them.

Born Artis Leon Ivey Jr.,on August 1, 1963 in Los Angeles, by the mid-'90s Coolio would become one of the world's most popular rappers off the success of several Top 10 hits - "Fantastic Voyage" and "Gangsta's Papadise." The latter song, based on a Stevie Wonder sample, peaked at No. 1 and received a Grammy award in 1996.

Coolio: “My nemesis was cocaine.”

In 2009, Coolio was arrested for cocaine possession at LAX. Upon pleading guilty, he wasrequirted to participate in a drug treatment program for 18 months.

“My nemesis was cocaine,” he said in a 2015 interview with Sway. “I used to do coke back in the ‘80s, and I stopped doing it for 12 years. And then I started back again.... It's been six years since I fucked with cocaine again. It was one of those thing I went through. I can truly say it will never happen again. I'm way too old for that shit. I'll probably kill myslef if I start doing it again."

The cause of Coolio's death has not yet been determined or made public.


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