CelebStoners Weigh in on Biden's Pot-Policy Proclamation

Tommy Chong’s 2003 mug shot and Chelsea Handler celebrating with a joint in her pool (via Instagram).

After President Biden's October 6 pardon of more than 6,500 Americans who'd been federal convicted of marijuana possession, Tommy Chong tweeted:

"Hey Pres. Biden, how about pardoning anyone convicted of selling bongs while you are at it? It was your stupid law in the firtst place." He was arrested and convicted for interstate paraphernalia sales in 2003 and spent nine months in federal lock-up.

• Berner, who co-founded the Cookies retail chain, called on Biden to "do what's right, legalize federally and make it fair for farmers when it comes to to licenses and taxes."

• Berner's friends in Cypress Hill had this to say at FB:

"Finally A Step In The Right Direction!! Big ups to him for this one is a huge win for the cannabis, let’s see if it falls through. Now bring them gas prices down."  

• Berner's best bud Wiz Khalifa told TMZ:

“It’s awesome to see things are moving in the right direction. Cannabis laws have negatively impacted people for way too long.”

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• Chelsea Handler posted a photo of herself in a weed-leaf bikini in her pool smoking a joint (see photo above) at Instagram:

"This one's for you, @JoeBiden!" 

• Bill Maher joked on Real Time:

"Who did this? The old president. Obama didn't do it. More credit to him because Joe really doesn't know anything about pot. He thinks THC is that channel that shows the old movies."

• Stephen Colbert whooped and called it "a hell of a Green New Deal" on The Late Show.

• Jimmy Kimmel explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

"The move stops short of full decriminalization, which will probably have to wait until we have President Woodrow Harrelson or something. It is the most cannabis-friendly decision by a U.S. president yet. I for one am just glad that Willie Nelson is alive to see this happen."

Cue to 1:26...

• Fellow late-night host Jimmy Fallon offered this gag on Tonight Show:

"The President canceled student loan debt and now he's pardoning people for weed. I think Biden's going to be able to get into any frat he wants right now."

• Comedian Doug Benson responded to Fox's Laura Ingraham with this tweet:

• Country music singer Margo Price in Rolling Stone:

"Biden has taken a step in the right direction, but it just impacts 6,500 that had simple possession... I just don't know that we should be celebrating Biden's move quite as much as we are since it impacts such a small amount of people."

• Rapper Xhibit via his Napalmbrands Instagram account: 

"Ok @joebiden we see you!! Huge step in the right direction." 


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