Chelsea Handler Partners with Stony Soda Company Leisuretown

Chelsea Handler hypes Leisuretown cannabis beverages.

Cannanbis beverages are all the rage. Female celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rosario Dawson, Kate Hudson and Chelsea Handler love them. They've all endorsed Cann

Now, Handler is making her own move, linking up with Leisuretown, another Califiornia company that's manufacturing stony sodas, in a "strategic partnership" (a.k.a. brand ambassador).

"I'm always looking for ways to minimize my alcohol consumption with healthier options and Leisuretown offers a delicious, low-caloric, low-sugar option," the comedian and TV host states in a press release . "I'm looking to operate at my highest level, and I've finally found a brand that I believe can take my wellness to the next level."

Leisuretown CEO Andrew Hagstrom adds: "Non-alcoholic drinks are on the rise and the cannabis drink category is growing, Our product allows consumers an alternative format to partake in THC without smoking or vaping." He previously worked at Weedmaps.

At the Leisuretown site, Handler says: "I'm stoked to be part of a non-alcoholic functional wellness beverage that can enhance the mood and calm the mind. We're all about giving people control of their experience in a mellow way."

The company's other celeb partners are music producer and DJ Diplo and skateboarder Rob Dyrdek.

Handler had been a big alcohol drinker - the title of her 2008 book is Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea - until she discovered weed.

Chelsea Handler: "We're all about giving people control of their experience in a mellow way."

I used to drink and not be into cannabis," Handler said in 2021. “Then, after the election in 2016, I just couldn’t - anger and alcohol are not a good match. I had to pivot when I realized I had to deal with [Trump]  being the president for four years.”

Check out her recent Dear Chelsea podcast featuring Ethan Nadelmann.


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