Todd Rundgren's Hello, It's Weed Brand Debuts in Michigan

via Jars Cannabis

Rocker Todd Rundgren's own cannabis brand Hello, It's Weed has launched in Michigan. He appeared at House of Dank in Ypsilanti on November 21 and today at Jars Cannabis in Grand Rapids. Rundgren, who's currently on tour with Daryl Hall, partnered with culitvator, Cheef, based in Royal Oak near Detroit. 

“I’ve been an advocate for some time,” the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer said in an interview with the Oakland Press. “I don’t necessarily say, ‘Hey, everybody drop everything and go out and smoke some pot.’ But I’ve never been coy about the fact that I’ve used mind-altering substances for various purposes - often creative purposes. So, yeah, it’s not a stretch.”

About his news brand, Rundgren adds: “I fully admit this kind of business is not something that I’m used to. I usually just make music and give it to somebody else to figure out how to market it. I’m kind of involved in marketing this in a way that I haven’t’ been in music, because it’s kind of a personality-based process."

Todd Rundgren: "I’ve never been coy about the fact that I’ve used mind-altering substances."

The first two strains are Michigan Cookies and Dosi Mintz.

 “I’m not competing with Snoop Dogg, let’s put it that way," Rundgren noted. "I’m not competing with anyone who’s already kind of built a little empire around it. We’re doing it right now for fun and to see if people respond. And if it does well we’ll probably progress.”

"Hello It's Me" was a No. 5 hit for Rundgren in 1973.

via Jars Cannabis in Grand Rapids, Michigan


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