The Top 42 Celebrity Cannabis Brands of 2023


Celebrity: Wiz Khalifa

Brand: Khalifa Kush

Rapper Wiz Khalifa's Khalifa Kush brand, which launched in California in 2017, is now part of the Trulieve portfolio in FL and PA. The brand is also connected to Cresco and Cookies in CA and sells in AZ,

Wiz Khalifa smokes Khalifa Kush

Celebrity: Method Man

Brand: Tical Official

Rapper Method Man's brand launched in 2020 during the Black Lives Matters protests. The company's products are sold primarily in "black owned and socially conscious dispensaries." A total of 23 strains, including The Method, are available in AR, CA, CO, MI, NV and OR. 

Celebrity: Woody Harrelson and Bill Maher

Brand: The Woods

After being turned down in Hawaii, CelebStoner Woody Harrleson received a license to open a dispensary in West Hollywood in 2022. He received financial help from fellow CelebStoner Bill Maher. Even better, the shop has a smoker's lounge.

via The Woods

Celebrity: Jay-Z

Brand: Monogram

In 2000, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z teamed up with Caliva and Left Coast Ventures to form the high-end California cannabis brand under the umbrella of The Parent Company. By the end of 2023, The Parent Company restructured the deal with Jay-Z's Roc Nation. Monogram offers four numbered strains as flower and prerolls. Check out our taste test here.

Celebrity: Lil Wayne

Brand: GKUA Premium Ultra

Rapper Lil Wayne (a.k.a  Weezy) has his own brand. The product line features 50 flower strains. Products are available in CA, CO, MI, NV and OK.

Celebrities: Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi

Brands: Belushi's Farm and Blues Brothers

After Oregon legalized marijuana in 2014, actor and former Saturday Night Live cast member Jim Belushi purchased 83 acres in Eagle Point and began growing strains under the Belushi's Private Vault name. In 2020, he and Dan Aykroyd, who currently comprise the Blues Brothers, founded the Blues Brothers cannabis brand. Products are available in CO, IL, MA, OK and OR.

Celebrity: Ricky Williams

Brand: Highsman

The original NFL player to advocate for marijuana now has his own line of THC products. Ricky Williams started with the CBD line RW/Real Wellness, then pivoted to Highsman in 2021. Highsman products are available in CA, OR and WA.

via Highsman

Celebrity: Mike Tyson

Brands: Tyson 2.0

Mike Tyson has become the unlikely face of cannabis. He's always seen these days with a joint and cloud of smoke. After failing with Tyson Ranch, the former boxing champ rebranded with Tyson 2.0. Last year, the company received bad press for releasing Mike Bites, an ear-shaped gummy with a bite taken out of it representing what Tyson did to Evander Holyfield in a 1997 championship fight. Products are available in CA, CO, MA, MI, IL, NV. PA and WA.

via Tyson 2.0

Celebrity: Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims

Brands: Primitiv

Former Detroit Lions Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims founded Primitiv in Michigan in 2021. They started with a cultivation facility and then opened Primitiv - Elevated Wellness last year in Niles.

via Primitiv

Celebrity: Fab 5 Freddy

Brand: B-NOBLE

After serving 13 years for possessing two joints, Bernard Noble was released in 2018. Noble appeared in Fab 5 Freddy's movie Grass is Greener and the two decided to start a cannabis brand. When Curaleaf agreed to fund the start-up, they launched the brand in 2021. B NOBLE preroll packs (two per pack) are available at Curaleaf stores. Ten percent of each sale goes to local organizations that help released prisoners. 



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