Guest Host Chelsea Handler Injects Drug Humor into 'The Daily Show'

Chelsea Handler: "I’m miserable again smoking a joint in a hot tub."

Chelsea Handler knows how to make an entrance.

As this week's guest host of The Daily Show, the comedian opened with a bang.

On Monday, she began her monologe with this joke:

"There's a lot of exciting news, and I'm on Ecstasy, so let's get started."

Handler doubled down on Tuesday:

"If you watched the show last night you will know I was on Ecstasy and I was way too high to find my way out of this building. So I am back here again tonight and now I am high on ayahuasca."

The audience roared, though few of them probably even knew what ayahuasca - the jungle drug of the Amazon - is.

Later she clarified: "I'm really at Burning Man. That's why I'm on ayahuasca."

For her third night, Handler said she would do the show sober as an experiment.

She then topped herself with a number of drug jokes.

During a segment about being "childless by choice," Handler commented as she showed off phone pics:

"I am miserable. I'm miserable on the beach. Here I am miserable on the top of a mountain. Here I am miserable scuba diving. And then I'm miserable again smoking a joint in a hot tub."

Though she's not a mom, Handler noted she's a great aunt to her nieces and nephews:

"I'm crushing that role. Guess who gave each one of them their first edible? This girl!”

Later in the segment, Handler visited an OB-GYN, who gave her a bagful of pharmaceutical medication. Handler exclaimed before taking one:

"Oh my God, I love pills."

Watch The Daily Show weeknights on Comedy Central at 11 pm ET. Next week's guest host is CelebStoner Sarah Silverman.


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