Despite Owning a Cannabis Brand, Kevin Smith Says He's Kicking Pot

Kevin Smith in a grow room (photo by Nina Prommer)

Kevin Smith's life has not been the same ever since he suffered a massive heart attack in 2018. He trimmed down more than 100 pounds and adopted a vegan lifestyle. Now, five years after that fateful day, Smith has also quit smoking pot.

The Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back director posted the following at Instagram on Feb. 28:

Today marks my 5th week without weed.
I feel less numb and more present than I have in 10 years.
No judgment on my green friends,
but this is how I want to live from now on.

If you’re green, you’re growing.
If you’re ripe, you’re rotting.
And I’m done being rotten.
Every day is a school day.
And I’m willing to learn.

Smith began smoking weed when he directed fellow CelebStoner Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks in 2008's Zack and Miri Make a Porno. His latest movie was Clerks III. Banks directed Cocaine Bear.

Smith and his acting partner Jason Mewes have a line of cannabis products at Caviar Gold, including Snoochie Boochie prerolls and Lunar Modules as well as various CBD items.

For the time being, Mewes will have to do the smoking for the both of them.



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