Cannabis Brand News: Rick Ross, Ben Cohen, Cookies, Cheech's Stash and Monogram

From left: B3’s vape packaging and Rick Ross’ Collins Ave flower pouch (via TMZ)

Both noted for their cannabis advocacy, rapper Rick Ross and entrepreneur Ben Cohen have announced new cannabis ventures and brands.


Rick Ross

Rick Ross is teaming up with High Tolerance Los Angeles on the launch of the Collins Ave strain, named for the popular strip in Miami Beach. Raised in Florida, Ross' debut album in 2006 was titled Port of Miami.

"High Tolerance is the best flower for all the ones who like to blow that good gas," he tells TMZ. "This is the best flower in the world. This is why I decided to team up with High Tolerance. They have the best flower on the streets."

The strain will be available in California shops June 1.

Ross has been arrested for marijuana possession on four occasions (2008, 2011, 2014, 2015).


Ben Cohen

Half of the duo that founded Ben & Jerry's, Ben Cohen takes cannabis law reform seriously. His latest push into pot is B3, a nonprofit whose proceeds will be split between the Last Prisoner Project, the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance and NuProject. The product line features low-THC prerolls, full-spectrum vape oil carts and limited edition flower.

"Take Pot Off Schedule I, or Put Beer On It" reads a statement on the product packaging.

Says Cohen: "Schedule I is the whole root of the War on Drugs. Schedule I is supposed to be for drugs that have no medical value and have a high risk of addiction, which does not apply to pot, but it does apply to beer.” 

The DEA's schedule of drugs places marijuana in the most restricted category of drugs of abuse with no accepted medical benefits.

B3 products will initially be sold in four minority owned shops in Denver.

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More Brand News

Cheech's Stash is partnering with Harbor Farmz in Michigan on a cured resin concentate product. Cheech Marin founded Cheech's Stash.

Cookies has agreed to have 14th Round serve as their vape hardware and packaging partner. 14th Round's sister company Final Bell will also co-manufacture Cookies’ cannabis products in California and Canada.

• Jay-Z's Monogram luxury cannabis brand is no longer under the umbrella of The Parent Company (TPCO Holding Company). “We've agreed to restructure our partnership," Jay-Z said in January. Since then, a lawsuit has accused Monogram of illegally shipping products from California to New York and TPCO of gender discrimination and filing improper financial reports. 


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