Cameron Diaz and Other Celebs Deny Knowing Jeffrey Epstein Despite Being Named in Released Court Docs

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CelebStoner Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Bruce Willis and Kevin Spacey are among the celebs mentioned in court documents naming Jeffrey Epstein's associates. However, none of them knew Epstein, who name-dropped them.

Asked specifically if she met Blanchett or DiCaprio, Epstein accuser and former masseuse Johanna Sjoberg stated:

“I did not meet them, no. When I spoke about them, it was when I was massaging [Epstein], and he would get off – he would be on the phone a lot at that time, and one time he said: ‘Oh, that was Leonardo,’ or ‘That was Cate Blanchett, or Bruce Willis.’ That kind of thing.”

Sjoberg said she never met the the actors and that Epstein was just "name-dropping" while he talked on his phone. 

To be clear, it's noted in the newly-released legal documents regarding the late sex offender:

"They are not suspects. They are only passively mentioned once and the witness denies ever seeing them on the 109th page of this document.”

Diaz's rep categorically denies the association:

“Cameron never met Jeffrey Epstein, nor was she ever in the same place as him or had any association with him whatsoever, regardless of the fact he may or may not have mentioned her name or implied that he knew her.”

Others famous people mentioned in the documents include Pres. Bill Clinton, VP Al Gore, Pres. Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Gov. Bill Richardson, Ehud Barak, Alan Dershowitz, Michael Jackson, David Copperfield, George Lucas, Naomi Campbell, Stephen Hawking and Tom Pritzger.

In other Diaz news, El Planteo reports she almost was a drug mule when she worked as a model in Paris in the early '90s. Diaz recently recalled on the Second Life podcast:

"All of the calculations in my head went running back, like ‘What the fuck is in this suitcase?’ I’m this blond-haired, blue-eyed girl in Morocco, it’s the ’90s, I’m wearing torn jeans and platform boots and my hair down, and this is really unsafe."

Smartly, she decided not to smuggle whatever was in the suitcase. Diaz, 51, whose father is Cuban and mother is white, has not acted since 2014 while focusing on her marriage to Joel Madden and their daughter.


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