Happy 86th Birthday, Tommy Chong!

Happy 84th birthday to Tommy Chong

Hey, man, it's Tommy Chong's 86th birthday.

Here are 10 things you may not know about the stoner funnyman:

1. He was born in Calgary. 

2. His middle name is Kin.

3. He first smoked pot when a jazz musician gave him a joint.

4. He played guitar in the Motown band Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers.

5. He met his comedy partner Cheech Marin in Vancouver when Cheech was defecting from the U.S. draft.

6. He's eight years older than Cheech.

7. He's been married twice and has five children.

8. He took over the direction of Up in Smoke when he didn't like the ending.

9. He was arrested for interstate bong sales and spent nine months in federal jail in 2003-2004.

10. He co-owns Cheech & Chong's Cannabis Co.

Tommy Chong in his cannabis garden (image via Facebook)


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