Rapper Chief Keef Busted in Georgia

Chief Keef
Mug shot of Chief Keef, who was arrested on Monday in Georgia.

A security guard at Le Meridian Hotel in Atlanta blew the whistle on Chief Keef and his crew, who were puffing pot in their room on May 20.

On the 911 call, he told the operator:  "We have in Room 1008 a bunch of gentlemen rolling marijuana and smoking all in the room - the room's filled with smoke… We were in there chasing down a leak in the hotel."

Chief Keef
Chief Keef takes a hit off a blunt.

Police arrived and arrested the 17-year-old Chicago rapper (nee Keith Cozert) for marijuana possession and disorderly conduct. He was booked at Dekalb County Jail at 4:37 pm and released Tuesday morning at 3:38.

Keef tweeted: "Just Got Out of Dekalb County Jail in Atlanta, Mad As Fuck."

Keef has a rap sheet dating back to 2011 involving gun charges and parole violations. He spent two months in juvenile detention from January to March.

His debut album on Interscope, Finally Rich, was released in December. Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy are all featured on the album, which includes the track, "Hate Bein' Sober."

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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