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Amanda Bynes Cops Plea in New York Pot Case

Amanda Bynes
Actress Amanda Bynes taken to Central Booking by NYPD after being arrested for marijuana possession in May.

Arrested for marijuana possession on May 23 in New York, former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes has agreed to agreed to counseling.

Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes’ mug shot.

“I understand that after a period of six months has expired, if I have complied with the conditions set forth  the charges will be dismissed,” she stated in an affidavit on Dec. 19.

Back in May, when police arrived at Bynes' smoked-out apartment at 8 pm after building staff spotted her puffing in the lobby, she allegedly tossed a bong out the 36th floor window at The Biltmore on W. 47 St. The actress was charged with possession, reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence. Before being booked at the Tombs on Centre St., she was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Bynes spent the night in jail.

Amanda Bynes
Bynes was spotted smoking what appeared to be a joint in April.

"She was followed illegally into her apartment for no reason," Bynes' attorney Andrew Friedman said about the NYPD, who claimed she allowed them into the apartment. "Clearly a search was made for the bong and nothing was recovered from the sidewalk. My client completely denies ever having thrown anything out the window."

Contradicting her lawyer, Bynes reportedly told police that she threw a vase out the window, not a bong. The bong or vase was not recovered.

"I only smoke tobacco I don't drink or do drugs. I've never had a bong in my life!" Bynes tweeted. Then how does she explain the photo of her smoking what appears to be a joint (right) snapped in April while she strolled in New York's Times Square?

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Steve Bloom

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