Mormon Mom Released from Mexican Jail After Bogus Marijuana Arrest

Yanira & Gary Maldonado
Yanira Maldonado (pictured with husband Gary) was arrested last week, charged with possessing 12 pounds of marijuana.

Yanira Maldonado's Mexican nightmare began when she was arrested for allegedly possessing 12.5 pounds of marijuana and ended nine days later when the mother of seven was released from a Nogales jail.

Returning to Arizona from Mexico with her husband Gary after attending a family funeral, the Turfesa bus they were on was stopped at a military checkpoint on May 22 in Los Noches, Sonora. Federales spotted packages containing the marijuana located under their seats. First Gary was arrested, then the Feds changed their minds and booked Yanira instead.

The Maldonados, who are Mormans, live in Goodyear, Arizona, a suburb west of Phoenix.

Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

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